Roofing 101

Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Granted no two properties (and their inherent roofing systems) are the same in terms of size, scale, design, or overall condition, it is worth noting that there are many commonalities & frequent occurences that are all but inevitable during the duration of a structure's standing.

Most people have no idea there is a problem, until they see a water stain on the ceiling. We suggest our annual inspection, where we will check for any missing or damaged shingles and flashing’s and make sure all pipes and penetrations are sealed properly.

Three-Tab Shingles are only rated for up to 60 MPH winds. High Winds can cause the shingle to lift, breaking the seal and allowing debris to affect it from resealing. If the Shingle is creased, the roof may be deemed unrepairable. Allow Fame's Roofing to perform a Stress Test to see if you qualify for a repair.

A Reduction in the Value of an asset with the passage of time. i.e. You have a 20 Year Roofing Shingle and it was installed 10 Years ago, its depreciated value is 50%. If the Adjuster approves a full roof replacement, a value for that replacement is set by a program that sets current market value. If your roofs Replacement Cost Value is $10,000 but you have had it for 10 years, they will pay $5,000 up front in the ACV (Actual Cost Value) payment and the depreciation value is $5,000. Based on your type of policy, that depreciation value is Recoverable.

  • Saves Money

  • Has Tax Benefits

  • Prolongs the Life of Your Roof